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I bought this truck just to cruise around in on the weekends, it was pretty rough, i thought after a while of driving i would repaint it that was a mistake lol!! after i started stripping it down i found rust after rust after rust, so the further i got into it i figured i might as well restore it, its been almost a year now and its getting close to firing up the motor again i removed the original 350 and installed an LT1 and T56 6 speed trans, currently working on modifying the instrument cluster to accept the 1997 firebird gauge cluster that i got the motor and trans from. I have the air bags installed now just have to mount compressors and plumb everything.

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Sweet ride my friend

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THAT is one sweet C10.  Love the color than you ave chosen.

Do  you like the weight distribution you get by using the air ride system?.

Very nicely executed

Welcome to the forum..

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I haven't got to drive it yet, just got the motor back in still have to wire the whole truck and install the gas tank and fuel lines,and brake lines, right now i don't have the shocks i have to buy lowered shocks but with the engine in it the front seems pretty solid, but the back is like a yoyo lol!! i'm thinking i may have to go with smaller bags in the rear and maybe higher pressure, im new to the air ride stuff. if anyone has ran across this problem could you let me know the fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the comments guys. I still have a long way to go i'm building an engine cover now to cover all the crap on top of these LT1 motors. I thought of doing some more air brushing on it but i know a guy who does the hydro graphic dipping i may go that route. iwill post some more pic of the progress.
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