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Unfortunately the camera does not do justice to the colour the car is now - it does not capture the sparkle or the pop of this colour.

Bought this HZ ute in Scotland in 2014.

Finally imported it into Ireland in 2015 and brought it up to my paint guy to get a respray which we figured would take about 4 - 5 weeks.

Off with the vinyl and should I start to worry?

Hmmmmmm more of what lurks below the vinyl!

Digging deeper and its not looking good!

Will there be any vehicle left at this rate???????????

Mike from Rare Spares Perth to the rescue with new metal!

Starting to look a bit more factory - no holes or rust bubbles left.

Next in line for the paint booth - end of March 2017

Waiting for trim - April 2017

Looking sharp.

The tyres are the wrong size as these rims where bought for my Valiant S Series and the profile is smaller than the tyres that came off the ute. I was checking the look - and I like it!

As I am waiting for the missing bits to finish the drum to disk change on my 62 Valiant I used the time to do some modernising on the ute.

The finished projects to date are;
Fatmat the cabin and doors

New underlay

New carpets and swapped out the bench seat for some all electric buckets

Fitted centre console - not sure now if I will go for the T-bar shifter. I have one but I do like the column shifter. May fabricate a cup holder for this console instead.

Refurbished all the gauges. Sourced and had fitted a replacement clock - these never work but now with new mechanics and electrics and the old style face and needles it looks nearly factory.

Refurbished and installed factory style intermittent wiper control

Install central locking - how it all came together. I am still using original Holden seat belts while I source new belts to suit the new seats buckles.

And still no sign of my missing Valiant parts: So a few more little jobs to be done on the Ute.

After humping a bunch of house stuff from Dublin to Kilkenny the ute started to puff and run a bit rough. I had a "new" carb and manifold on the shelf which I purchased last year for it so I fitted that. I fitted new gaskets and vacuum hoses where needed.

I also fitted a new HEI distributor and coil. It purrs away now and drives really nice.

Excuse the canary yellow - previous owner painted EVERYTHING in this colour, slowly getting it gone.

Does anyone know of a really good set of engine tins? The seller/provider must be willing to post to Ireland - my expensive of course.

It took me nearly 5 hours sandblasting the airfilter box so I could test out the candy red powder coat. I am thinking to leave the block black and do the rest colour matched "ish" to the body.

Base of silver metallic powder and once coat of candy red powder - I think the colour might look good

But I don't want to spend an eternity sandblasting the canary yellow from the old ones; the coating he used does not come off easily and as you can see sticks like sh** to a blanket in tight areas.

Once the Valiant is gone to panel and paint next next week, that will give me space in the garage to do more on the ute. I will do the brakes and re - ring and bearing the engine, and add a slightly mild cam and new lifters.

Hopefully by the time the engine goes back in the dreaded canary yellow will be all gone


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WOW, A car guy from the emerald isle. Well. Welcome to the forum. That is a very sweet ride. I'm not familiar with the "Holden HZ ute" That looks like what I recognize as a Chevy El Camino. It is a fine example of a vehicle either way.  I like that you posted lots of pics of the process. I know your hating  the yellow in the engine bay but, I think it really pops and goes well with the crimson. You are going to be the toughest critic of your own build. That's what car guys do. I however think it looks cool. Again, welcome and thanks for sharing your ride. Mike

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I'm with Mike on you will always be your toughest critic on your own cars. We know every flaw and can pick apart our own cars all the time. El Caminos (that's what we call them in the states) are so cool. Wish GM would bring out a new version. Your work and Pic's are great. Keep it up, we enjoy seeing everything as it progresses.

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Thanks guys for the kind words and encouragement. I would agree about the yellow had not EVERYTHING been painted canary yellow when I bought the car.

The crash pad was yellow, the gear knob was yellow, the dash fascia was yellow, glove box, ash tray, steering column even the backs of the original gauges.

Basically a canary threw up everywhere and it stuck [crazy] The old bench seat was even upholstered in light grey with yellow piping and highlights.

Try driving that and see how you feel at the end of the trip hahahahaha!

That is why the yellow has to go

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WOW, love the Holden HZ!!  And that red is really an excellent choice.

I do understand about the 'yellow has to go' mantra...

Just keep at it.  YOU are the only person to make these choices now.

Like Mike said, 'it's your car - only your opinion counts'
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