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Here is my 1986 F150. I grew up in the bed of a 2wd truck like this. This particular truck had one owner for most of it's life. A childhood friend of mine was given it by his wife's grandfather, the single owner. My friend never drove it and that's how I came to own it. He sold it to me for $700 out of Nashville, TN. I flew to TN, bought it, spent a few hundred in brakes, fuel pump, plugs, wires, and liquids, a few others and drove it to Delaware non-stop, in winter, with no heater core. Fixed that in half a 6pack's time straight away. Gotta love a Inline 6. No major rust in the wheel wells or quarter panels like most it's age. It's been my daily driver for the past 4 years but it's time to give it some TLC. I was watching Gearz and saw the Vintage Hot Rod Straight 6 [S3 Ep.11-1]  show and finally have a restoration direction for the engine. Now, I'm looking for advice on how to make it happen, namely, I see plenty of Offenhauser triple manifold intakes for chevy 6's but could use direction on what fits the Ford. 

20161126_165118.jpg  20161126_165130.jpg  20161126_165134.jpg  20161126_165147.jpg  20161126_165154.jpg  20161126_165205.jpg  20161126_165211.jpg  20161126_165221.jpg  20161126_165235.jpg  20161126_165257.jpg  20161126_165301.jpg  20161126_165324.jpg 


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Derrick, Welcome to the forum, WOW, That's a clean ride. Since you didn't say things like Coyote or V-8, I'm thinking you are not looking to do a swap. As for performance, I'm not sure of the fit but, I do remember Stacy doing a rear mounted exhaust turbocharger on one of his projects. That might be a direction to go as there is usually enough room under a bed for all of the tubes. Also companies like BDS can supercharge almost anything. p.s. looks like a Coyote will fit in that engine bay as well. Just sayin' Good luck whichever way you take it. Mike

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I got you covered on this subject.

Jack Clifford Performance  6=8

on the front page, they are using their setup on a 6 cyl Mopar - listen to that baby rumble and run

also click on the links  -

About Company  & Engine Blueprint  -  it will give you a place to start gathering the information you seek

hope that helps

And as Kurganhunter says  -  WELCOME TO THE FORUM

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