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New to the forum but have always liked ticketing I old trucks an card.
So I love the full size Bronco but the I am looking for a project that I can make my daily driver but I drive 85 miles to work each way and need it to get closer to to 20 mpg to save $
I have a bronco for sale by me for $4500 with a bad trans but great frame and body.
What I am asking is has any one had success upgrading a bronco with a engine and trans pkg that gets close to 20 mpg?
I have thought of dropping a 7.3L diesel and a 5 sp manual but $$$$ or a re built built motor and 5sp trans but I have a small budget. Only would have enough to buy the bronco and then $5000

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Welcome to the forum.
The ONLY WAY I Know of to get 20 mpg in that truck would be to pull the engine/tranny and replace with four or six cylinder diesel.

I do know it's possible but it IS expensive, which you know.  I'm not sure i would go with a 7.3L diesel.  Consider a four cylinder Isuzu engine, mated to an Isuzu tranny.  YOU MIGHT get one of those purchased and installed for your $5k budget?

But this will be a tough one.

I owned a 1991 GMC Suburban, 350 V8, 4x4.  After a lot of low cost mods, I got 18 mpg on the highway.  But that was cruise control, long distance driving.  Around town it was closer to 15mpg.

Big trucks just don't lend themselves to economical driving (at lease not yet).

again, welcome to the forum and good luck with whatever project you end up with

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