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Larry Miller

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I always wanted an old car just never thought it would be this old. What I have here is a 1922 franklin v-screen model 10-a that I got out of a 1 room school house.

How I got this car was a man came in to the restaurant where I have breakfast and asked me if I fixed furnaces and I told him yes he then asked me if I would come to his house to look at his and I said yes. After we got done fixing his furnace he asked me if I would like to see somthing and I said yes. He then took me in to the school house and showed me the car and I fell in love with it so I did like any other person I ask him what do you want for it and he said I don't want to sell it just wanted to show it to you so I let it go at that. Then the next time he came in the restaurant is ask him you ready to sell me that car yet this went on for about a year. Then he called me and asked do you still want the car and I said yes then he said you know you are probably right I will never get to it so he sold it to me. My boy and I loaded up the trailer the next day and went and got the car what a great day it was. We ended up getting it for 1200.00 and we put a roof on his house again what a great deal.

That is the story of my car. Thank you for reading.

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Larry,That is a cool car and a cool story to go along with it. It is good to hear when people realize that what is doing nothing would be better off with someone who will care for it and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your story. Mike
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