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Gene Stribling

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I Drive a 1978 Jeep when it running I doing some upgrades to it? all new Pulleys Alt, and power steering, And a new Belt Drive, water pump all of the front end of the motor. In doing this I found a Hole in the Pas. side hole was striped out and someone dried a bigger hole and (Not state ) I thinking about moving the Heads I thinking of doing all new gaskets !!! so If move heads around I have a good bolt hole to use. Tell me how to fix this with out pulling my motor all apart ?? HELP ME OUT ? ( 760 ) 415-5775 ? 16992421_417394438606923_1525711386474246857_o.jpg  19105103_468008020212231_783001201_o.jpg    

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Gene Stribling,

Welcome to the forum. 

First I would edit OUT your phone number and ask people to send you and email?

Second, it seems that you are attempting to use a stripped out hole in the front of the head?  To hold a bracket or accessory in place?

So, the EASIEST way would be to drill out the hole one size larger, tap the threads into your new (larger) hole with a new bolt.  All you need do is enlarge the hole up to the next size so that you can cut a new set of threads into it.

Does that make any sense?

Hope that help.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email or a PM.

Again, welcome to the forum.



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second option to Jim's. If the bolt goes through a sleeve and you cannot upsize, use a helicoil so that the bolt diameter stays the same
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