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Rusty rigs

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Life long gearhead farmer from Minnesota being from Minnesota every project I tackle seems like there is no floor left I finally found a gem in a 49 international kb 1 I picked up at an auction sale very little rust. Ironically after getting the truck home and looking into things I found out that my grandfather had purchased the truck new and my mom now 84 had taken her drivers test in the truck and put the first dent in it. Might have to leave the dent there, when mom first seen it that was the first thing she pointed out.
Finally got something that rust is manageable now the problem is parts any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum and WOW! That is a fantastic story to go along with a cool truck. Do you have any pics? Are there any pics from its first round in the family? Corn binders are not the most available parts in the aftermarket. You might want to do a complete assessment of what is needed (Gearz project book would be helpful) and look on the interweb for those specific parts. Another option is to seek out a vehicle with the parts you need. Good luck on your journey and please keep us posted, Mike

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I love the IH trucks.  Had a Scout II back in the 70's

Welcome to the forum.  You're going to have a struggle, but you can make it work, it's just not the BIG 3 so the amount of spare parts is a lot less.  It's why most people do not attempt them. 

If you're here asking questions, that means you are not most people (who seek the easy path and whip out their CC).  Your work will be rewarded.  If it was easy everyone would be driving old IH trucks (or even new ones).

WE LOVE PIX here .  Please, when you can take some pictures and post them.

And nothing better than bringing an old 'family member' back home.  Congrats!

again, welcome.

Willie McDaries

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that's awesome, brought back all kinds of memories for your mom

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"IH" Who doesn't love the hardest working brand in America?... I love International Harvestors! I am not familiar with your model but I have slways been a fan of the unusual and different! I'll do a lil research for you. What are you in need of for your project? By the way too cool on mom's story we can only dream of the stars alining like they did for your family! Awesome find! Welcome to the forum.
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