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I am excited, honored and humbled to be part of the GearZnation builders to be selected for the "What Are You Work'n On" segment. 
See season 12 episode 9 Big Bad Buick: Inside & Out, What Are You Work'n On segment starts about 20:00 mins in.

The Ranchero is in shakedown mode...
The Ranchero out cruising around...boy it is getting hot, good thing the AC is blowing ICE cold [cool]  Ty Vintage Air!


First up is one of the largest cruises on the Colorado Front Range -- Golden Supercruise held the 1st Saturday of the month all summer long...

Saturday May 5th 2018...

IMGP3625 - Copy.jpg    

IMGP3622.jpg  IMGP3623.jpg 

Next is some high altitude testing, a cruise with the folks from the to the small mountain town of Georgetown, CO

Saturday June 2nd 2018

The trip home included a trip over Guanella Pass at 11,670 feet...


Next shakedown run...Fun Ford Day June 10th 2018 at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, CO -- Thanks Sporty!!!
The Ranchero is going up against my buddy Jeff in his recently purchased road course car, a FR500S.


No burn out for me...Ranchero could use a Supercharger hehe [biggrin]


The FR500S finished almost 3 seconds before I did...the Ranchero is only 17sec and 80mph in the 1/4 mile.  [bawl]  OK, the Ranchero "needs" a supercharger!!!
On the bright side, I won the race since the FR500S had a red light.  Woo Hoo [crazy]

The next shakedown run was up to Steamboat Springs, CO for the 30th event.  June 14th-16th 2018.
Ready, Set, Gooo!  The Ranchero at the RMMR Autocross.  Fast times were under 40sec and competitive slower times were 46sec.  The Ranchero came in right in the middle.


Three inch drop and 1.25" front and rear sway-bars help keep the Ranchero flat...

Some shots of the Ranchero on Lincoln Ave "Main Street" in Steamboat Springs, CO for the car show.

That is a 1959 Edsel Ranger in red...yup has a 4 speed in it ;-)
The Ranchero was nudged out of a trophy in its class...stupid Edsel [smile][tongue]  The Ranchero did take home a sponsor's choice award.  Niiice...

I hope all are out enjoying their cars, projects and summer!  Be safe...[angel]


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My "What Are You Work'N On" GearZ schwag showed up this week [biggrin]

  IMGP4110.jpg  IMGP4108.jpg  IMGP4113.jpg  IMGP4117.jpg    

I ended up hanging out at a cars & coffee type event on Saturday morning...Vehicle Vault had an Espresso & Exhaust event.
The Ranchero held its own with the likes of a McLaren that showed car parked across from me.

  IMGP4075.jpg   IMGP4073.jpg 

Had to let take the Purple Bike out for a spin with the Ranchero [rofl]



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Continuing this summer's theme of "Joe out cruising around somewhere..." 

I had the privilege of attending the Shelby America Car Show on Saturday.  It is a fund raiser for the Shelby Museum.  There were amazing cars and car people, like Pete Brock at the event.  Each year the Shelby Museum raffles off a brand new!

If you ever get to the Boulder, Colorado area...I would encourage you to visit the Museum.  The Museum is open to the public on most Saturdays.  Call the Museum before you go to double check they are open and for the hours.  Here is the website: are a few picture of everyone's favorite '66 Ranchero out cruise'n around somewhere [cool]


IMGP4756.jpg  IMGP4757.jpg  IMGP4758.jpg  IMGP4769.jpg  IMGP4773.jpg   
  OK, so this nice "copper" colored car is only worth $999,999 more than the Ranchero...[tongue]
 Yup, its a McLaren... [crazy]

Oh, and there were a few Shelby's at the event as well.  Most of these are tribute cars, the real ones are in the museum. [wink]
IMGP4779.jpg   IMGP4780.jpg  IMGP4781.jpg  IMGP4782.jpg  IMGP4783.jpg  IMGP4784.jpg  IMGP4885.jpg  IMGP4886.jpg  IMGP4887.jpg

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