Hey GearZ Nation,

I cut the chord on cable and have recently joined GearZ Nation so I can keep up with Stacey.  Ok, no one can really keep up with Stacey. [smile]

I am located near Denver Colorado.

I have been following Stacey since he hosted "Trucks!"...
I have always enjoyed Stacey's ability to simplify projects. 
Watching and "learning" from Stacey on GearZ, gave me the confidence to COMPLETE a full rotisserie restoration of my 1966 Ford Ranchero.

Why a Ranchero you say?
First season of "Trucks!" Stacey and Kevin Tetz featured a super nice 1967 Ford Ranchero:


Then Stacey built Copperhead...omg!

So, I wondered, what would happen if I combined the concepts of these two geniuses?  [crazy]

...and that was all it took to inspire my 1966 Ford Ranchero project aka Ranchero El Cobre.

I am not Spanish, but I call the project "Ranchero El Cobre",(The Copper Ranchero)--playing off the Spanish name of the car/truck "Ranchero" or Farmer.

This is the first car/truck I have painted in 20 years.  I am a graduate from Kevin Tetz's Paintucation series.  Here is a shot of the '66 Ranchero tailgate sporting some "GearZ Nation" swag.  [thumb]


Just a teaser picture for now... [cool]

Note: the "New Car Delivery Center" on the door/window...thx to my local Ford Parts Manager!

Just an introduction for now, more to come.  I Look forward to interacting with all of GearZ Nation.  My goal is to use the car to inspire and pass on what I have learned to young and old alike!

One day I hope to get to a GearZ Nation Autorama event and perhaps tour the GearZ TV set.

Peace, enjoy,
Colorado Joe
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Colorado Joe,

Welcome.  You should fit in real well here.

We would like more pix of your Ranchero.

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