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This is the first picture I have of the Ranchero purchased back in November 2004.
I grew up on Fords, always Mustangs...trucks were super hot at the time and I did not want to cut up a valuable Mustang.  I needed something that I could use for weekend honey-do projects and at the same time have my "project" car.  And here we are... [biggrin]

BTW, those are 2006 Ranger seats...they fit in Ranchero or Mustang with nearly no modification.  The tracks are very similar to the originals.  The Ranchero ran when I purchased it, the brakes were very scary.  [eek]FloorShift04.jpg 
Here is a shot of the Ranchero in my patented,(not really) "cloths line" paint booth.  I had a nice over sized garage to start with...I added for eye-hooks in the ceiling.  Next I ran 1/4" plastic coded steal cable in about a 20' square or so.  Used those black metal binder-clips to hold on the plastic similar to a cloths pin...hence the name.  This left about 1" at the top for air flow...I had a nice powerful fan pull out the air from the floor.

This might be closes picture I have emulating Stacey throwing part around when taking things apart...
A friend and I went in halfsies on a nice quality rotisserie...this is a Whirlijig rotisserie

And here she is, stripped and ready to go off to the sand blasting shop...well almost ready.

IMGP1304.jpg  I needed to repair the rust in the cowl and the floors before loading it up to go off to the sand blasters.IMGP1318.jpg  IMGP1325.jpg  IMGP1782.jpgIMGP1784.jpg  
With a mig welder, heck anyone can weld if you get a little instruction from friends and watch GearZ! 
Finish it up with a little POR-15 before welding 'er back up...IMGP1801.jpg 
A little more flattering picture of the relatively straight Ranchero I had to start out with.  Notice the change in the stance from the original picture.  3" drop from stock using Dearborn Classics lowering springs.  Potholes are not this car's friend.  I have about 3" of ground clearance and travel on the mostly stock but rebuilt front suspension.  I think it has just the right stance with the 3" drop [cool][cool][cool]
17"x 8" Ford Classic "snowflake" rims

I hope you are enjoying following the Ranchero El Cobre project.
I will post the next phase of the build each week or so.
I look forward to your comments and questions...

If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. -- Red Green
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well, after you redid it all it is.

It was nice before you restored all the rusty crusty parts.

love it


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Joe, That's a very cool ride. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. It's an awesome feeling. Thanks for sharing. Although I'm a Chevy guy, I'm still a car guy and like all different flavors. So, no need to worry about dis' ing your ride. Mike
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Jim, thanks for posting your build from the beginning. I didn't realize When I read, "don't diss my 66" you had this post also. Love the make shift paint booth😁62.jpg  RESPECTFULLY, MARCUS
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