Ok, Ok, it is time for the car-porn...

This shot was used in the 2018 Colorado Tri-State Swap meet calendar...Ms. November... [love][love]

Stop your drool'n [tongue]

You will notice a few things missing from these an interior...doh!   

 This shot has a little digital camera magic going on...


Same shot without the digital highlights...

Here is where it all started...
I had a local Colorado artist put together a few renderings for me...
Steve H. does a lot of the artwork for the major car shows in the Denver area.
I had the privilege of working for IMSA as an Scrutineer for a few years...hence the "Gulf" motif.  A bit much for a daily driver...but it is so cool![cool][cool]
RancheroBlueColorCompRearFinal2 - Copy.jpg
You can already see by the pictures that I opted for the Copper/Burnt Orange color...  
RancheroCopperRear - Copy.jpg 

Let's take a look at what the interior looks like:

What type of seats had to go in the Ranchero....??

Ba-bam!  Ford Racing RECARO Seats...ah, of course [eek][wink]  Yes, they expensive but what type of upholstery work isn't...??


Now we are getting somewhere...Take note of the hopefully tasteful combination of the modern instrument cluster and the otherwise relatively stock dash.

I know, I know, what no "stick"!IMGP3449.jpg 
The AC vents are stock, the center console is "temporary".  Just something to hold the front speakers for now.  I need to do something like a TMI console that went into Stacey's Eliminator Cougar project.

IMGP3582.jpg  IMGP3586.jpg 
These are "stock" Ford Fairlane XL door panels and arm rests.  I added power windows as the Ranchero and Farilane share the same doors except the Ranchero has a window frame.  My favorite detail here is the custom made "Ranchero" emblem, where this would normally say "Fairlane XL" etc...  [thumb]

   Here is a shot in the new car delivery bay of our local Ford dealer...

DSC00960 - Copy.jpg
Note the Boss Mustang parked next to the Ranchero, that is "green" with envy...[biggrin][biggrin].  Could not pass that one up... [rolleyes]

Notice the color shift under the lights at night vs. the earlier pictures in the sunlight...Triple pearl in the paint... the color is truly amazing!
DSC00956 - Copy.jpg

More pictures to come...

To quote a person we all respect and admire:
"Now get out there and start working on something...!" [wave][wave]
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I've said it before and I'll say it again.  NICE JOB.

And tons of pictures.  As you know we LOVE pictures.

keep up the great work

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I just added some "bling" to the Ranchero...

It might not be exactly what you think...but I am betting you will enjoy it [thumb]


IMGP5227.jpg    visor-01.jpg 

Yup, my friends ran into Stacey in the hotel at SEMA.  The stars were aligned or something.  Guys had intended on meeting Stacey at one of his vendor sessions.

Stacey was totally gracious when my friends hit him up to sign my Ranchero Visor [thumb]
visor-03.jpg  visor-04.jpg 

My friends were so excited to meet Stacey, we all admire his work and work ethic.
Only thing that could have made it better if I had joined them...doh!  Next time...!

Big shout out to Stacey...Ty!

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Awesome job joedietzjr. I like that you had the vision rendered out before the build. Well thought out. I needed a drool cup while viewing your post😁😁
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