Mystery Molding...Anyone have a clue what this molding is to?

It is chromed heavy gauge steel.  Has a slit in the middle for some sort of latch or lock down...

molding01.jpg  molding02.jpg  molding03.jpg     molding05.jpg
This is not lightweight would be difficult to bend or dent.   

I am betting someone needs it...but what is it? [confused]

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Could it be some window trim for an old muscle car?[confused][confused]
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Could it be  trim for the rear of a convertible top?
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The only reason I would say no to the convertible top trim is the slit in the middle looks like it is to lock something down...I guess it could be where you could lock down a small convertible top on a Fiat or MG?

I am hoping someone recognizes it and can take a picture of the same trim installed on their car, boat whatever...

Thanks for the input,
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